Opposite Meanings (5)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Weather is not constant. It's rather ......

  • 2

    This answer is not correct. It is ......

  • 3

    I don't think we should do that. It's dangerous. It's not ......

  • 4

    They were married for 20 years. However, now, they are ......

  • 5

    This is a domestic car. You have a ..... car.

  • 6

    Your house is not ...... It is really far away.

  • 7

    This is a flat region. However, if you drive three hours west, you will see a ..... area.

  • 8

    Peter is a ..... person. He is not funny and doesn't smile a lot.

  • 9

    The identical twins look ...... However, your other children are different from each other in appearance.

  • 10

    He is an optimistic person. He thinks about things in a positive way. His wife, however, is ......

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