Phrasal idioms with the verb 'break'

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    After years of working for a shoddy employer, I was finally able to ..... from that company and set up my own business.

  • 2

    NASA is currently in the process of working out how to prevent any more of its spaceships from ..... on re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.

  • 3

    Residents living in the immediate vicinity of the prison were told to be on the lookout for a group of criminals who recently ..... of gaol.

  • 4

    It can be very difficult for young couples to ..... their marriage when there are young children involved.

  • 5

    I decided to ..... my relationship with my girlfriend when I found out that she was seeing someone else.

  • 6

    Be careful not to spill the yolk when you ..... the egg.

  • 7

    A burglar ..... my house when I was away on vacation and stole some of my electronic goods.

  • 8

    Teachers in Sydney have decided to call a snap strike next week after negotiations with the State Government over a ten percent pay increase ..... early this morning.

  • 9

    A rebel Labour Party MP recently decided to ..... from his party and become an independent member for his electorate.

  • 10

    I am always very worried that my car will ....., because it is already twenty years old.

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