Phrasal idioms with the verb 'pass'

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The World Congress of Georgian Jews yesterday announced the ..... of their head rabbi.
  • 2
    Entrepreneurs have several options when it comes to ..... a family business to their children.
  • 3
    Don't ..... your opportunity to increase sales by leveraging the power of email marketing.
  • 4
    Once you ..... Prospect Street, we will be on the right hand side of the block, directly across the street from the museum.
  • 5
    If you were to ..... suddenly, your business could be tied up in probate court for several years.
  • 6
    Lawmakers shouldn't ..... the chance to regulate tobacco.
  • 7
    I can make myself ...... I do it by taking in a deep breath and then pushing all that air down. It takes me about 15 seconds.
  • 8
    Foreign companies will have to ..... the hat to pay for the extra costs of doing business in Indonesia.
  • 9
    Approximately 27,000 - 29,000 vehicles ..... the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel on a daily basis.
  • 10
    The ..... game is just a preadolescent version of autoerotic asphyxia paraphilia.

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