Phrasal Verbs (B to C)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Marty often ..... important issues at the meetings.
  • 2
    Sue felt she should ..... on her math skills before she started school.
  • 3
    He could feel the back of his neck ..... when they started talking about the tragedy.
  • 4
    Candace has a bad habit of ..... in front of others.
  • 5
    Ken tried to ..... his teachers in order to get a good report card.
  • 6
    The guard had to ..... the dogs when the master approached the locked gate.
  • 7
    Everyone could see by the grimace on his face that he didn't ..... the meal in front of him.
  • 8
    He didn't ..... to new concepts easily.
  • 9
    They ..... the hotel late last night.
  • 10
    After his illness, he worked hard to ..... on his missed schoolwork.

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