Phrasal Verbs (G to H)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Rick's father and mother didn't ..... with his grandparents and were always having disagreements.
  • 2
    They rented a car so it would be easier to ..... the new city.
  • 3
    Lucy was so busy that she didn't ..... fixing the stereo.
  • 4
    His salary is low so he's just ..... right now.
  • 5
    He worked hard to ..... to Berkeley last year.
  • 6
    The criminal tried to ..... the evidence quickly.
  • 7
    The students ..... when the teacher left the room.
  • 8
    You'll need to ..... your assignments by Friday.
  • 9
    Beth's father is too proud to ask for ......
  • 10
    Laurie decided to ..... after the fourth ring.

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