Phrasal Verbs (H to L)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Two men staged a ..... at the bank across the street from us yesterday afternoon.
  • 2
    We still have to ..... the finer details about our upcoming trip to Scotland.
  • 3
    Most of the service stations decided to ..... their gas prices after the gas war between them.
  • 4
    Kevin ..... the great opportunity to be the floor manager.
  • 5
    Even though he was exhausted, he ......
  • 6
    Trent was ..... of school for bad behavior.
  • 7
    Just look at that gorgeous girl - She's a ......
  • 8
    When I hit my head on the cupboard, I almost ......
  • 9
    The company was experiencing financial problems, so they had to ..... fifty employees.
  • 10
    Karen didn't want to ....., so she went over the wedding list one more time.

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