Phrasal Verbs (L)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Jeff felt as if he had been ..... when he lost his job.
  • 2
    At long last the storm is starting to look like it's going to ......
  • 3
    He started to ..... his life and then decided to take another trip.
  • 4
    The rich families ..... poor people in this area.
  • 5
    She started to ..... the upcoming trip.
  • 6
    Norma promised she would ..... Cara's children while she was away on a business trip.
  • 7
    The sheriff said he would ..... the crime a bit more thoroughly.
  • 8
    You can't tell them apart - Elena ..... her mother.
  • 9
    Before Sheila died from a long battle with cancer, she asked her sister to ..... her children.
  • 10
    Ray hadn't seen his friend in years, but he decided to ..... anyway.

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