Prepositional Phrases - In, On, Out and Under (13)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Paul is completely ..... of control these days. He is cutting classes, sneaking out, drinking, and stealing. I don't know what's got into him.
  • 2
    It is hard to stay focused and try my hardest when the end is ..... sight; there are only three weeks left in my college career.
  • 3
    One has to be ..... guard when downloading files from the Internet if he or she wants to avoid getting a computer virus.
  • 4
    Did you hear that Mel broke his foot on Tuesday? He'll be ..... of commission for at least a month. Now we have to come up with a new point guard on our basketball team.
  • 5
    I am a safe gun owner. I keep mine ..... lock and key at all times so that my kids and their friends won't be able to touch it.
  • 6
    Yes, he was murdered late Friday night. Just ..... of curiosity, where were you between 9 and 11 PM on Friday night?
  • 7
    You should come over on Thursday to see my cherry trees. They are all ..... blossom right now.
  • 8
    Thanks, Merek, for coming to my new bar. Don't worry about buying anything. For being my best friend and for coming to the bar, you get to drink whatever you want and it is all ..... the house.
  • 9
    I am sorry. My husband is not here right now. He is ..... on business. Can I take a message?
  • 10
    Sorry, Sir, you can't go in there yet. That part of the store is still ..... construction.

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