Prepositional Phrases - In, On, Out and Under (15)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Together, ..... collaboration with the marketing team, we have created a completed proposal for the production and release of a revolutionary new cell phone.
  • 2
    I will not give you a press statement ..... the record. However, I will give you some unofficial information for your paper if you promise to keep my name and position out of your story.
  • 3
    As his big brother, you owe it to him to keep him ..... your protection during his first year of high school.
  • 4
    My wife is feeling very ill right now so she will not be able to make it today. She is ..... treatment for cancer and the radiation makes her nauseous.
  • 5
    My wife and I are going to Hawaii next week. We will be ..... the island for 10 days.
  • 6
    I am sorry I can't go to the amusement park with you this weekend. I am ..... of money until next Friday. Friday is pay day.
  • 7
    We may have seen the end of the killing spree. We have a suspect ..... custody and we believe that we will have more answers for the public soon.
  • 8
    I almost caught the house ..... fire today when burning some brush in the back. The wind picked up and the fire started getting out of hand. Luckily, I was able to control it.
  • 9
    I would like to provide more information for you today but I am ..... of answers until the engineers get back to me with a reason for the failure and a possible solution.
  • 10
    You refuse to teach a workshop on growing succulent plants? I was ..... the impression that teaching a workshop on this subject was something you were really interested in doing.

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