Prepositional Phrases - In, On, Out and Under (24)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    I feel sorry for my friend, Craig. He just broke his back and is ..... a lot of pain.
  • 2
    I really wanted to ride the Cyclone at the amusement park. Unfortunately, it was ..... repair when we went.
  • 3
    I am not ..... the habit of drinking but I do enjoy an occasional glass of white wine or a dark beer.
  • 4
    You might not want to come over tonight. A lot of the roads are closed because the policemen are ..... parade tonight to celebrate one of their landmark dates; I forget which one.
  • 5
    I used to be very fast until I broke my ankle. It was the last race of the school year and I was ..... the lead. I was so far out ahead, I could not lose. That was when I stepped in the gopher hole and my track career was over.
  • 6
    We are always looking for partners who are involved in projects that are ..... line with our corporate objectives.
  • 7
    I don't like to go to night clubs very often. I'll go, ..... occasion, if a friend drags me to one but otherwise, I'd rather just stay home or see a friend.
  • 8
    I am sorry, Sir. Your request is still ..... discussion. When the board has an answer for you, I will contact you and let you know.
  • 9
    No, Mom. I am still not working. There are no jobs ..... the horizon either. I am not sure what I am going to do.
  • 10
    Luckily, unemployment, at least in our city, is ..... the decline.

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