Prepositional Phrases - In, On, Out and Under (25)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    No, Michael. I haven't figured out a grade for your assignment. You will receive it ..... due course.
  • 2
    The best way to pick up a sheet of plywood, when carrying it long distances, is to stand it up ..... end, with the shorter side touching the ground. Then, put your arms behind your back, grab the sheet with both hands and lift with your legs.
  • 3
    So, is everyone ..... agreement then? Good, I'm glad everyone is happy with the new system.
  • 4
    I just received my first job in accounting after five long years of study. I am ..... top of the world right now!
  • 5
    No, I haven't talked to Joe lately. I have been ..... of contact with him and his family since I moved away.
  • 6
    No, Helen. I don't know if our company is going to adopt my project or not. The project is still ..... review and has been for a month now. I will let you know when I get an answer, though.
  • 7
    My friend, a zoologist, is ..... an expedition in a remote part of Canada. I wish I got to go on trips like that for work.
  • 8
    My rose bushes are finally ..... bloom. It has been two years since I planted them and this is the first time they have flowered.
  • 9
    Jake is so funny. He acts like he is the best-dressed guy in this city, but his clothes have been ..... of fashion for at least a decade.
  • 10
    ..... contrast to many types of plants, the average succulent needs a very low nutrient content in the soil to survive.

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