Prepositional Phrases - On, In, Under and Out (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    I'm sorry I didn't hear you knocking. I was very tired so I fell asleep. I guess I was ..... a deep sleep when you knocked on my door.

  • 2

    What are you ..... such a hurry for? You need to slow down because people make a lot of mistakes when they rush.

  • 3

    Don't worry; I'll be back ..... a flash. I just need to run to the store, and I will be back very soon.

  • 4

    I went to the store ..... foot yesterday. I really like taking short walks once in a while.

  • 5

    Do you have any sugar ..... hand? I really need some, and I don't have enough time to go to the supermarket.

  • 6

    Why are you ..... of breath? You look like you just ran a marathon. What's going on?

  • 7

    "You are ..... arrest, young man!" said the police officer. "I caught you red-handed, and you will serve time for this crime!"

  • 8

    I need to see your identification, please. You look like you are ..... age. You look too young to legally buy cigarettes, and I can't sell you any until you produce some valid ID.

  • 9

    Well, ..... the circumstances, I think I can forgive you for making such a poor decision. I know that you are going through a rough time, but please remember that you still have to be responsible and considerate of others.

  • 10

    I always feel that my goals are just ..... of reach. I'm still unable to acquire all of things I want and that I work so hard to attain.

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