Prepositional Phrases - On, In, Under and Out (6)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Paul has a lot of nice things, but he bought them all ..... credit, so he doesn't really own any of them until he pays off his credit card.

  • 2

    I'll be back ..... an instant. I just have to run to the bathroom, and I will return very shortly.

  • 3

    David is ..... a lot of debt right now. He took a huge mortgage on the new house he bought, so he owes the bank a lot of money.

  • 4

    Did you see the beautiful painting that they have ..... display in the front office? It's very expensive and absolutely magnificent.

  • 5

    I go jogging ..... a regular basis. I usually go jogging every morning before work. I like routines, and I like to keep in shape.

  • 6

    Sean is ..... of his mind! He's 85 years old and he wants to go sky diving.

  • 7

    I am ..... agony! I broke my leg in three places. It hurts so much!

  • 8

    Tim is a little ..... edge this week. Someone broke into his house on Friday, and then his car was stolen the following Monday. Just leave him alone for awhile, because I don't think he can handle any more pressure right now.

  • 9

    No, that's ..... of the question! You are too young to go to a college party. You're still only a freshman in high school so, no, you are not allowed to go.

  • 10

    I originally thought it was a bad idea. However, ..... second thought, you may have a point, so let's discuss your plan more over dinner.

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