Prepositional Phrases - On, In, Under and Out (9)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Robert is ..... on bail right now. He was charged with possession of stolen property, but his family paid the deposit necessary for his release, so he is a free man until his court date in November.

  • 2

    I haven't been ..... contact with my sister for nearly ten years. We had a bad fight, and we haven't spoken to each other since then.

  • 3

    I need you to tell me what happened ..... detail. I want to know exactly what took place, who was there with you, and why it happened.

  • 4

    I'll give you my computer ..... exchange for your external hard drive. I think that's a fair trade, because you need a computer and I need another hard drive.

  • 5

    You owe ..... excess of $50,000 in back taxes, Mr. Smith. I'm sorry, but given your current circumstances, we can't lend you any more money.

  • 6

    The provincial nurses' union went ..... strike again. It seems like they strike for more money every other year!

  • 7

    Your proposal is ..... consideration right now. The approval process takes about six weeks. We'll contact you with a decision at that time.

  • 8

    Peggy has been ..... of control lately. She's been drinking a lot and spending a lot of money. She's been going to nightclubs nearly every night.

  • 9

    I use a textbook ..... conjunction with the tapes that came with it. I'm really learning a lot of the Spanish language this way.

  • 10

    I'm ..... the verge of quitting my job. I've almost had enough, because my boss expects too much and I'm underpaid.

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