Prepositional Phrases - With, Within, Without (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Sam heard everything they said because he was ..... earshot. However, Sam's co-workers had no idea that he heard them talking about their true feelings regarding Sam.

  • 2

    ..... respect to your earlier suggestions, I think we should go ahead with your plans because they are sound.

  • 3

    The district attorney thinks he should be charged with first-degree murder because he committed the act ..... intention, and he had a clear motive.

  • 4

    It's not ..... his power to make that kind of decision. We have to go above his head in order to make any real changes around here.

  • 5

    That's not ..... our budget. We can't spend anything on office furniture this year, so you will all have to put up with the office chairs you already have.

  • 6

    ..... fail, Simon did it again. He always puts his foot in his mouth and today is no exception.

  • 7

    The tornado hit ..... warning and killed 20 people. No one expected that kind of weather today, and it didn't even show up on the weather radar screen until the last minute.

  • 8

    They wanted to live an organic lifestyle ..... reason. So, they bought a farm and started to grow their own food. However, they still buy some items from the grocery store because they don't have time to grow everything!

  • 9

    This case is ..... precedent and we don't know what to do. We're going to be making some brand-new decisions about this, and it's rather intimidating because we have no frame of reference.

  • 10

    You are, ..... a doubt, the most stubborn man I've ever met! I can't reason with you at all.

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