Printing Money

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Most of the federal ..... is owed to Americans, and virtually all of it is in dollars, which means that it can be paid off or bought back by the simple device of printing money or, in more sophisticated fashion, open-market operations of the Federal Reserve.

  • 2

    While discussing President Ford's WIN (Whip Inflation Now) proposal for tax increases, I supposedly grabbed my napkin and a pen and sketched a curve on the napkin illustrating the trade-off between tax rates and tax revenues, so Jude Wanniski named the trade-off 'The ..... Curve'.

  • 3

    CSC, Inc is the 23rd company currently authorized to act as a counterparty to the FRBNY in its open market operations; "Becoming ..... dealer for the Federal Reserve is a complementary extension of Countrywide's emergence as a provider of diverse financial services," said Ron Kripalani, President.

  • 4

    The ..... Industrial Classification has been replaced by the new NAICS, but several data sets are still available with SIC-based data; both SIC and NAICS classify establishments by their primary type of activity.

  • 5

    In securities markets, ..... account with a broker shows frequent purchases and sales; such accounts generate commissions (which are charged on purchases as well as sales), and thus they are usually given preferential treatment in differentials on rate of interest charged, for example, on debit balances.

  • 6

    Since the ..... value of a convertible bond (the value of the bond without the conversion feature) is embedded and is a component of the total market value of the convertible, changes in fixed income determinants may not directly affect its market price.

  • 7

    If a business determines that, on the average, 3% of its accounts receivable becomes worthless during the taxable year, the business may deduct 3% and add this amount to its bad debt .....; however, the Tax Reform Act of 1986 repealed this method for all businesses except certain financial and thrift institutions.

  • 8

    If you're in today's 28% or 31% tax brackets, a ..... fund will let you keep more income than a comparable taxable investment, and if you live in a high-tax locale like California, a single-state fund that holds only bonds issued in your state may be an even better choice, provided you understand the risks.

  • 9

    The ..... utilization rate represents the percentage of the economy's total plant and equipment that is currently in production; usually, a decrease in this percentage signals an economic slowdown, while an increase signals economic expansion.

  • 10

    The ..... dividend is a political slogan popularized by George H.W. Bush and Margaret Thatcher in the early 1990s, purporting to describe the economic benefit of a decrease in defense spending; the term was frequently used at the end of the Cold War, when many Western nations significantly cut military spending.

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