Prisoners (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Society seeks to get criminals off of the ..... in order to protect innocent victims.

  • 2

    All former inmates are put on ..... once they're released. This is specified time period where a former prisoner promises to abide by certain restrictions and guidelines.

  • 3

    Some criminals find it difficult to get work or even rent an apartment once they are released because they are no longer ......

  • 4

    For minor offences and crimes, some judges will force offenders to perform ..... service duties rather than serve prison time.

  • 5

    Ex-convicts have a hard time finding work because many employers perform ..... checks on applicants and won't hire former offenders.

  • 6

    Juvenile delinquents' records are ..... when they become adults so crimes committed as youths will not show up on background checks.

  • 7

    Some ex-convicts try to get their records ..... once they are released from prison, but they are rarely successful.

  • 8

    A criminal ..... lists what crimes a person has been accused of as well as those he/she was convicted of in the past.

  • 9

    In North America, there are some government-sponsored programs that seek to ..... ex-convicts back into society.

  • 10

    Many employers want to hire people with ..... criminal background checks.

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