Product Development (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    This white paper by the American Productivity & Quality Center explains that the most successful new product development teams are ....., with representation from a core group of areas such as finance, marketing, manufacturing, design, engineering, and research.

  • 2

    An open communication environment enables team members to ..... ideas around the group, receive feedback more quickly, and facilitate brainstorming sessions.

  • 3

    Team membership is vital to the success of the group; ..... program managers to select those individuals they determine to be of the greatest value is a critical step.

  • 4

    In addition, teams are being given greater authority and held more ..... for the success or failure of the project.

  • 5

    The use of various team reward and recognition structures is mixed, with a trend toward more recognition as opposed to monetary ......

  • 6

    Several best-practice companies have specific companywide awards for work "..... the call of duty".

  • 7

    In addition, the NPD process needs a "champion", who is ..... with monitoring and adjusting the process as new experiences, good or bad, present themselves.

  • 8

    The NPD process can be ..... into four general categories: idea generation, concept development, product and process design, and production and delivery.

  • 9

    One organization stores all ideas in a database and revisits them until they are ..... useless.

  • 10

    Once viable ideas are chosen, they must be further developed, examined, and ..... before the select few concepts proceed to full design.

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