Product Development (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The American Productivity & Quality Center study identified specific sources that tend to be good idea ..... for new product development, including market research, focus groups, third-party/inventor input, and brainstorming.

  • 2

    The concept development phase requires a more formal review and planning process that ensures the concepts are technically feasible, will make a ..... product, and will allow the organization to make a profit.

  • 3

    At this point, an executive review generally approves the product for design and additional resource ......

  • 4

    The product and process design stage involves turning the concept into a tangible product design and transforming that design into ..... prototype or pilot.

  • 5

    Prototypes or pilots allow the designers to test and ..... the ability of the product or service to perform as originally expected.

  • 6

    At this stage, to change the original product ....., some form of approval is required.

  • 7

    This approval can range from upper management review to individual functional area review to team ......

  • 8

    Once the final design is finalized and approved, the product is ..... into production.

  • 9

    A .....-up period normally is required before full production can begin.

  • 10

    A quality assurance group within each business unit is responsible for verifying that the product and each manufacturing site meets the required ......

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