Quebec tourism

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Between now and 2010 the ..... for growth in international tourism in French Canada appears excellent.

  • 2

    Around the world, international tourist arrivals will ..... from 702 million in 2000 to 1.18 billion in 2010, an increase of 45%.

  • 3

    Tourist clienteles travelling to foreign destinations will become increasingly diversified as a result of the emergence of new ..... markets.

  • 4

    The outlook for domestic tourism is interesting: retirees during this period (especially between 2005 and 2010) will be wealthier than their ......

  • 5

    Contrary to the past decade, the active population should benefit from more ..... income with a lowering of income tax rates; therefore, people will have more money to travel.

  • 6

    The increasing number of Canadian retirees will have an impact on travel behaviour, with the emphasis likely to be placed on short trips during the ......

  • 7

    Finally, the population of ....., who tend to travel little in Qubec, is growing.

  • 8

    However, competition will continue to be ..... on all markets.

  • 9

    Under the pressure of demographic, social and technological changes, clienteles are becoming diversified and demanding, which is having a major impact on tourism behaviour: interests are multiplying, leading to a rising number of ..... trips and an upsurge in products and activities.

  • 10

    More and more often, tourists are seeking ....., personalized trips that feature better integrated products and services; currently, the most successful businesses are those that organize their products in the form of experiences (for example, cruises).

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