Real Life: Accessories and Clothing (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    A person should wear a scarf around his/her ..... in the winter time to keep warm. A scarf is a long, knitted accessory.

  • 2

    When riding a motorcycle or bicycle, many people wear helmets on their ..... to protect themselves in case of a fall or crash.

  • 3

    Women usually wear pretty bracelets around their ...... These can be made of gold, silver or other metals or, sometimes, they are made of beads.

  • 4

    Both men and women wear shirts on their ......

  • 5

    Sandals are usually worn in warm weather because they are open-toed and worn on a person's ......

  • 6

    I wear my wedding ring on my ...... This signifies my marriage and the promise my husband and I made to each other on our wedding day.

  • 7

    Whenever we go to a fancy restaurant, my husband wears a tie around his ...... Ties come in various colors and are often made of silk.

  • 8

    People often wear belts around their ...... Belts are most often made of leather.

  • 9

    When it's chilly outside, I often wear a warm hat on my ...... My favorite hat matches my scarf.

  • 10

    Shoes are worn on a person's ...... They come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

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