Real Life: Accessories and Clothing (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    When my husband wears a shirt and tie, he tucks his tie into his ...... This part of a shirt goes around his neck.

  • 2

    When it's cold outside, I wear leather ..... on my hands to keep them warm.

  • 3

    I often wear sunglasses when it's really sunny in order to protect my ..... from the sun's harsh glare.

  • 4

    My husband bought me a beautiful pearl ..... that I wear around my neck on special occasions.

  • 5

    My mother wears reading ..... because her eyes can't focus on the small print in books, newspapers, magazines etc.

  • 6

    I like to wear light pink ..... on my nails. I carefully put it on and then wait for it to dry.

  • 7

    I like to wear woollen ..... on my feet in the winter time because they are so warm.

  • 8

    I just bought a pair of silver ...... I got my ears pierced many years ago and these are going to look great.

  • 9

    I bought my husband a warm pair of indoor ..... for Christmas. Now, he can put them on his feet first thing in the morning when the floors are a little chilly.

  • 10

    In colder areas, children often wear knitted ..... on their hands in order to keep them warm in the winter time.

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