Real Life: Banking (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    A ..... is a front-end bank employee who helps customers with withdrawals, deposits and other daily banking transactions.
  • 2
    When a person wants to take his/her money out of the bank, the transaction is called a ......
  • 3
    Most bank customers have basic ..... accounts. These types of accounts are usually used for daily banking transactions including checks, direct debits etc.
  • 4
    Interest ..... are imposed charges on loans and mortgages. For example, when a customer wants to borrow money, the lending institution will charge a percentage that accrues and is then paid by the customer.
  • 5
    Many people around the world save money in a ..... savings plan. This type of account is meant to be used in the future when one stops working for good.
  • 6
    When a customer goes into a bank and wants to withdraw money, a teller will usually verify his/her ..... in order to protect bank clients from fraudulence.
  • 7
    People who don't qualify for a loan can ask another person with better qualifications to ..... for them. This person then becomes responsible for the loan account if the primary borrower doesn't pay it back on time.
  • 8
    Some banking customers qualify for ..... protection on their accounts. This type of service will temporarily cover any debits that are greater than the balance in the account.
  • 9
    A cash ..... is a type of loan or withdrawal that is taken out against a line of credit or credit card. Financial institutions usually impose greater interest rates on this type of transaction.
  • 10
    A power of ..... is a person who is designated usually by a primary account holder to act on behalf of the account holder if he/she should become unable to make financial decisions.

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