Real Life: Body Parts - Organs (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The ..... is the most important and essential organ in our bodies. It's located in the skull and it controls everything we do. Our bodies would not be able to function without this organ.
  • 2
    We couldn't breathe without our ...... We breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide and this organ helps with this constant process.
  • 3
    The ..... is the organ that takes in the food we eat and then digests and breaks down the contents.
  • 4
    The ..... acts as a filter and separates and pushes out many toxic substances in our bodies. If we drink too much alcohol, this organ suffers.
  • 5
    Urine is stored in the ...... This organ is important because it allows us to release urine when we go to the bathroom.
  • 6
    The ..... is another essential organ in our bodies. This organ pumps blood throughout our bodies via veins and arteries.
  • 7
    We have two of these and they are responsible for holding waste that has travelled, in blood form, through the body. ..... are bean-shaped organs and are also very important. We can, however, survive with just one of these if necessary.
  • 8
    The ..... is an organ that is responsible for the release of important digestive enzymes as well as hormones such as insulin.
  • 9
    ..... are tube-like organs in our bodies that transport waste from the stomach to the anus.
  • 10
    The ..... is the largest organ in our bodies. It is actually an outer layer as it covers the entire surface area on the outside of the body.

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