Real Life: Cold and Flu Terms (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Generally, there are two types of cold and/or influenza infections: bacterial and ......
  • 2
    When someone gets a cold or the flu, his/her ..... system works to fight the infection.
  • 3
    Sometimes, for bacterial infections, doctors will prescribe ..... to help fight in the infection. This is medication that destroys or slows bacteria growth in the body.
  • 4
    ..... is a common infection that inflames the bronchial tubes that are responsible for transporting air into the lungs.
  • 5
    Some people take a ..... when they have a cold or the flu. This is medicine that helps to reduce or lessen nasal or respiratory congestion.
  • 6
    Some people also take cough medicines that are also called cough ...... when they have a cold. This medication helps to alleviate and lessen dry cough symptoms.
  • 7
    A ..... is a rise in body temperature and is a common symptom that accompanies colds and flu infections.
  • 8
    When people first contract a cold/flu, they are ..... for the first while. This means that they can give or spread the infection to those who come into contact with them. That is why people should stay home from work when they are ill.
  • 9
    A build-up of ..... also accompanies a cold/flu infection. This is phlegm that is produced by the body and causes congestion in respiratory areas.
  • 10
    Some say the Swine/H1N1 flu virus is a ..... now. This word is used to express a universal or global outbreak of a certain disease.

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