Real Life: Cold and Flu Terms (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Sometimes, people take ..... when they want to alleviate allergy symptoms and reactions. Some people also take this medicine when they have cold symptoms because it helps with runny nose and congestion problems.
  • 2
    When people get a cold/flu, they often have ..... symptoms as well. This is when the body tries to protect itself from pain or infections and causes swelling and redness as a result.
  • 3
    A serious condition called ..... sometimes surfaces after a cold/flu. This is when the lungs are infected and inflamed due to a viral or bacterial infection.
  • 4
    Before the flu season, some people, like healthcare professionals and teachers, get flu ..... in order to stave off infections that they might come into contact with at work.
  • 5
    ..... is an infection that attacks and inflames the tonsil area of the throat.
  • 6
    Sometimes, when people get a cold/flu, they also have ..... symptoms. This is a breathing-related problem that makes people sound like they are hissing or whistling when they are breathing.
  • 7
    ..... is the inflammation of the sinus area in the nose and head and can be very painful for some. This is usually caused by a cold/flu infection.
  • 8
    ..... is a common term used for the little organisms that cause bacterial or viral infections.
  • 9
    Sometimes, people say that there is a flu/cold ..... going around. This is another common term that is used to describe a flu/cold infection.
  • 10
    Doctors often tell people to drink lots of liquids when they have a cold/flu. They say this so those who are sick stay ..... throughout the illness.

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