Real Life: Common Medical Terms (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Another word for a stomach is an ......
  • 2
    In the medical field, if something like a tumor is discovered, tests are performed to determine whether it is benign or ...... This latter term means that the tumor is cancerous and life-threatening.
  • 3
    When someone is physically dependant on a drug like nicotine, they are ..... to the chemical substance.
  • 4
    Sometimes, people have ..... reactions to certain drugs that are prescribed to them by physicians. This means they have bad and/or unforeseen reactions to the drugs.
  • 5
    Some prescription drugs do what they are supposed to do; however, there are some bad ..... effects that certain medications can cause like nausea and dizziness.
  • 6
    A ..... is an unborn child that is growing within a mother's womb.
  • 7
    ..... from males and eggs from females are necessary in order for humans to reproduce.
  • 8
    When a patient has a ..... illness, this means that the illness is incurable and fatal.
  • 9
    Sometimes, women have ..... sections while giving birth to their babies. This is when doctors remove the baby from the mother's womb via a surgical incision in the abdomen rather than a vaginal birth.
  • 10
    A ..... is a chemical substance that causes cancer. This substance is found in air pollution and cigarettes.

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