Real Life: Common Word Pairs in North America (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    This soup is a little bland. Can you pass the salt and ..... please?
  • 2
    We have to go the fundraiser this weekend so you'll have to wear your suit and ......
  • 3
    ..... and gentlemen. I'd like to introduce you to the co-founder of this non-profit organization - Mr. John Ellis.
  • 4
    Last week, I had to talk to my daughter about the birds and the ...... I was so nervous and uncomfortable but, somehow, I got through it.
  • 5
    I had to take care of some odds and ..... today. It felt like I was running around all day.
  • 6
    Sure, I can tell him you called. Just give me your name and ..... and I'll get him to call you as soon as he can.
  • 7
    Oh, Johnny. I know you hurt your foot when you fell but it looks like you're going to be OK now. How about some milk and ..... to make you feel better?
  • 8
    So, that's one large coffee. Would you like cream and ..... with that?
  • 9
    I really love eating bacon and ..... on Sunday mornings. Breakfast is my favorite meal especially on the weekends.
  • 10
    No way! I'm never going to sell this car. I've had it for twenty years and I've never had one problem with it. It's tried and ..... and I'm keeping it.

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