Real Life: Crime Verbs (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The police went to his home and ..... him last night on a break and entering charge.
  • 2
    He got really drunk at the local bar last weekend and, now, he is ..... from that place for good. He tried to plead with the owner but it didn't work. He is not allowed back ever!
  • 3
    Those teenagers ..... into my neighbor's house last night. They stole some valuable items while my neighbors were out. Luckily, the police caught them already.
  • 4
    You shouldn't ..... the law or you could get into a lot of trouble and end up in jail.
  • 5
    The police ..... him with three crimes. Now, it's up to a jury to decide if he's guilty or not.
  • 6
    He ..... a crime and, now, he has to pay for that bad decision. It's that simple.
  • 7
    Several inmates tried to ..... from Alcatraz. However, very few ever survived the cold, bitter swim to freedom.
  • 8
    That murderer ..... out of prison last week. There is currently a nationwide manhunt taking place until he is caught and returned to prison.
  • 9
    Norman thought he ..... away with that robbery. However, nine years later, a detective was able to find another clue that led to his arrest. Now, Norman is awaiting trial.
  • 10
    Steven ..... up a convenience store last week. However, he was caught committing the crime on camera! Now, he's going to go to jail for a long time because he told the clerk that he had a gun.

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