Real Life: Crime Verbs (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The parole board ..... the prisoner last week. The prisoner is able to leave the prison but has to abide by certain conditions set out in the parole agreement or he will end up in jail again.
  • 2
    The jury ..... the defendant guilty on all counts. He will now spend the next 25 years in jail without the possibility of parole.
  • 3
    When a crime takes place, the police department ..... the circumstances and interviews people involved in the alleged crime.
  • 4
    Before a jury can make a decision about a verdict, the jury must first ..... to the evidence provided in a trial.
  • 5
    When a jury is ready to announce a final decision, this means they have ..... a verdict.
  • 6
    Then, a judge ..... or hands out a sentence. This means the judge is the one who makes the decision regarding a punishment that is suitable for the guilty party.
  • 7
    Once arrested and charged, an alleged criminal must ..... his/her trial that will determine if he/she is guilty or not.
  • 8
    If you have a monetary dispute that is under $5000, you can ..... the person who has wronged you to small claims' court and try to recover your money by proving your case.
  • 9
    The murderer ..... to all the crimes and led the police to the remaining bodies. This means the serial killer admitted to committing the horrible crimes.
  • 10
    The police ..... the husband in the murder of a young housewife but have not collected enough evidence to charge him with the crime yet.

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