Real Life: Eating Out (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Excuse me. This silverware looks a little dirty. Can I get another place ..... please?
  • 2
    I'd like to order the steak with the baked potato please. Oh, and I'd like sour cream and ..... on the baked potato.
  • 3
    I think I'm just going to have the ..... of the day. I had the clam chowder yesterday, and it was great.
  • 4
    What is your ..... special? I know yesterday it was the salmon, and it was great. I hope you have an entree that is just as good today.
  • 5
    Let's go to the greasy ..... down the road from my place. I like little diners that serve fried food and prepare it really quickly.
  • 6
    I have a serious food ..... so can you please be specific about the ingredients in this entree? I can't eat anything with peanuts or shellfish in it.
  • 7
    I want to go to the all-you-can-eat ..... downtown tonight. I just want to eat until my stomach hurts.
  • 8
    Your meal comes ..... soup or salad. Which would you prefer?
  • 9
    I'd like to have some wine with my dinner tonight, so can I see your wine ..... please?
  • 10
    I'd like my steak very ..... please. I don't want it to be cooked long at all, because I like it really juicy.

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