Real Life: Education Subjects (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    ..... is the study of ancient ruins, fossils, artifacts and past human life on Earth.
  • 2
    ..... is the study of prose and acting that is meant to portray life and the human condition. This subject area involves stories, plots and characters.
  • 3
    ..... is a social or business science that is chiefly concerned with the analysis of the manufacturing and consumption of products and services.
  • 4
    ..... is a social science and involves the study of the human mind and individual behavior. Mental disorders are also covered in this area of study.
  • 5
    ..... is the scientific study of the history of the Earth that pertains to historical information found in rocks.
  • 6
    ..... is the study of the Earth's surface and involves geographic features as well as cultural and other diverse aspects that pertain to life on this planet.
  • 7
    ..... is the study of analyzing and summarizing fiscal and business transactions as well as reporting these results to governments and other tax agencies.
  • 8
    ..... is the study of past human life and significant, historical events.
  • 9
    ..... is a science that involves numbers and their combinations, operations and measurements.
  • 10
    ..... education is the study of sports and the effects that various activities have on the body.

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