Real Life: Education Subjects (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    ..... is the study of designing blueprints for various buildings and structures.
  • 2
    ..... is the study of stars, planets and the universe in general.
  • 3
    ..... is the study of how chemical processes affect and interact with living organisms.
  • 4
    ..... arts is the study of cooking food and commercial kitchen management and proper health practices.
  • 5
    ..... engineering is the study of designing and constructing public structures and roadways.
  • 6
    ..... is the study of aesthetic and creative processes that can range from painting to sculpting.
  • 7
    ..... science is a modern study that deals with the theory and design of computers.
  • 8
    ..... design is the study of combining text and images in order to produce a creative effect for advertisements in magazines, newspapers and websites.
  • 9
    ..... arts is a study that involves literature and comprehension as well as reading and spelling in order to improve students' oral and literary skills.
  • 10
    ..... is a speculative study that involves concepts surrounding truth and logic as well as a deeper understanding of values, metaphysics and reality, in general.

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