Real Life: Environmental Terms (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    ..... efforts are plans that deal with the protection and restoration of natural environments.
  • 2
    An ..... is the continous and vital relationship that exists between living things and the environment which they inhabit.
  • 3
    A(n) ..... is a person whose efforts primarily revolve around protecting and restoring natural environments and who also tries to raise awareness about the problems and threats that these ecosystems face.
  • 4
    A(n) ..... species is an animal or plant that is on the verge of becoming extinct.
  • 5
    When a plant or animal is considered ....., it means that that particular species no longer exists in our world.
  • 6
    The food ..... is a ranking order that consists of various species that eat one another.
  • 7
    Global ..... is the slow but steady increase in the earth's atmospheric temperatures. Many scientists believe that the world is slowly becoming hotter because of all of the pollution that we emit into the surrounding atmosphere every day.
  • 8
    A(n) ..... is the environment wherea species feeds, lives and produces offspring. In other words, it is a species's home environment.
  • 9
    Some companies, such as large oil companies, are now forced to take part in the ..... of an area once they are finished using the location for the collection of natural resources. For instance, they have to plant new trees in an effort to restore the natural balance in that area.
  • 10
    Some environments are considered ..... because the natural balance in these ecosystems is in danger from deforestation and pollution.

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