Real Life: Healthcare and People (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    I went to see a ..... yesterday because I had to get my teeth cleaned.
  • 2
    I went to see my ..... yesterday because I have a bad cold.
  • 3
    My friend used a ..... when she delivered her baby last year. This is usually a woman who is not a doctor but helps women deliver babies in a natural way.
  • 4
    The ..... I had at the hospital was very helpful and nice. She helped the doctor, brought me food and gave me medication when I needed it with a smile.
  • 5
    I was a ..... at the local hospital last year. I had to have surgery and the care I received was very good.
  • 6
    My family doctor referred me to a ..... because this kind of doctor is very skilled and knowledgeable in skin related matters.
  • 7
    When I went to the hospital, my family doctor didn't perform the surgery. Rather, a ..... did the surgery because this kind of doctor specializes in the surgical field.
  • 8
    A family doctor is also often called a general ......
  • 9
    A ..... is a doctor that specializes in infant and children health matters.
  • 10
    A ..... is a doctor that specializes in skin related health issues.

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