Real Life: Healthcare Vocabulary (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Johnny ..... a cold yesterday so now he's in bed.
  • 2
    I hope they can ..... Diane soon. The doctors said if they can't, she could die within a year.
  • 3
    My three-year-old son scraped his knee last week but the cut is already beginning to ..... now and he feels much better.
  • 4
    I really ..... myself in yoga class yesterday. My back is killing me. I don't think I had proper alignment when I was doing some of the poses.
  • 5
    My husband ..... his shoulder while he was in the military years ago. It still bothers him so he may have to have surgery in the future.
  • 6
    Doctors had to ..... on our neighbor yesterday because she was in a terrible car crash. Some of her vital organs were in jeopardy so the surgeons tried to save her.
  • 7
    My doctor ..... some antibiotics for me this past week because I have bronchitis.
  • 8
    My doctor ..... pregnant women and handles both prenatal and postnatal care as well.
  • 9
    I took my ..... to the pharmacist and he gave me the medication in about a half an hour.
  • 10
    Our friend has cancer and he is undergoing chemotherapy right now. We're praying that his body responds to the ..... and that he will be cured soon.

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