Real Life: Household Chores (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Most people use ..... and dustpans to sweep their floors. This is done to collect and remove dust, dirt and other types of debris from floors.
  • 2
    I have to do laundry today. Help me collect all of the clothes so I can drive them over to the ...... By the way, do you have any quarters?
  • 3
    When it snows, you have to ..... the snow or someone could slip and fall in front of your house. It also looks better and well kempt.
  • 4
    In North America, many people have soft, fabric-like flooring in their homes called carpet. Normally, a ..... cleaner is used to clean carpets.
  • 5
    I have to use the feather ..... today because there is so much dust on all of the furniture.
  • 6
    Robin is kind of a neat ...... She has anxiety attacks when her home is only slightly unkempt and she spends about seven hours a day cleaning every inch of her home.
  • 7
    Don't forget that you have to ..... out the trash today. The trash collector comes by at 6:00 am tomorrow morning.
  • 8
    My three-year-old always misses the trash ..... when she tries to throw her rubbish away. At least she tries to help me out sometimes.
  • 9
    We have to get the ..... fixed. How else am I going to wash the clothes this week? I hate going to the Laundromat so can you call the repair man soon?
  • 10
    I think Dave is such a ...... His apartment is a complete mess and he doesn't shower often. He's really nice but he smells bad most of the time.

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