Real Life: Marriage (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    An unmarried person is commonly called a ..... person.
  • 2
    Tim and Lindsey got ..... last week. This means they made a promise to marry each other in the future.
  • 3
    A unisex term for both husbands and wives is ......
  • 4
    Roger ..... married last week. I'm so happy for him!
  • 5
    When two married people want to end their marriage in a legal and final way, they can get an official and lawful ......
  • 6
    Ben ..... Lucy last year. They had a beautiful ceremony.
  • 7
    When two people are newly married, they are often called ......
  • 8
    Candace and Isaac want to ..... married soon. I think they want a June wedding.
  • 9
    When two lovers run away and get married on their own (away from their families and friends), they have ......
  • 10
    Before the wedding, James bought Monica an engagement ring. Then, prior to the wedding day, James bought a gold wedding ..... for his bride. He will also wear this kind of ring, once they are officially married, to symbolize his love and commitment to his wife.

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