Real Life: Occupations (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Thomas is a ...... He works in a retail shop that sells meat products such as steaks, roasts and ribs. He first cuts the meat and than packages the separate cuts for customers who come into the shop.
  • 2
    Lucinda is a ...... She works in a coffee shop and makes delicious coffee blends all day long. She has some regular customers as well as new customers who are lured into the shop by the smell of the delicious coffee she makes.
  • 3
    Roger is a police ...... He serves and protects the citizens who live in his city in the United States. He is a member of a law enforcement government agency and wears a uniform. He also wears a badge and carries a gun.
  • 4
    Ramona is a ..... worker. She works in a large plant where many goods are manufactured. The employees often work on an assembly line.
  • 5
    Chris is a ...... He gives advice on legal matters and also defends those who are charged with crimes in court.
  • 6
    James is a ..... worker. He is a skilled worker who builds houses, offices and other buildings. He has to wear a hardhat and spends most of his time on building sites.
  • 7
    My friend is a ...... He works with water and sewage pipes. He installs pipes and also repairs them in houses, buildings, offices etc.
  • 8
    Dave is an ...... He installs and repairs electrical circuits in homes, offices, buildings etc.
  • 9
    Paul is a ...... He is a skilled worker who maintains and repairs the motors and other moving parts found in vehicles and other machines.
  • 10
    Chris is a civil ...... He is trained to design, repair and maintain public structures such as highways and bridges.

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