Real Life: Parts of the Body (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    A person's ..... is the part of the head that is covered in hair and follicles. Sometimes, people shave their heads so this part is revealed and bald.
  • 2
    An ..... is found at the bottom of a leg and above a foot. This is a joint that can move around in a circular motion.
  • 3
    ..... are found between the waist and the upper legs. Sometimes, when people dance, they rotate this area in a provocative way.
  • 4
    The ..... is located at the back of a foot. If you wear uncomfortable shoes, you may get a blister on this part of the foot.
  • 5
    The ..... muscle is found on the back part of the lower leg. Soccer players have to run a lot during games, so this area is very muscular as a result.
  • 6
    A ..... is a joint that connects the upper and lower part of the leg. You can bend at this joint and this area is very important if you want to squat, walk or run.
  • 7
    The ..... area of a leg is located in the front part of the lower leg. Sometimes, soccer players will wear a guard (shield-like protective gear) on this part of the body in order to protect this area from kicks.
  • 8
    ..... are necessary in order to walk. They are located below the hips and are connected to the pelvis region.
  • 9
    ..... are found on the upper part of the legs. This is a very large portion of the leg, and sometimes women complain that this area is too big when they gain weight.
  • 10
    ..... are found on the feet. Usually, people have ten of these digits.

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