Real Life: Parts of the Body (4)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The ..... are also referred to as a person's bottom.
  • 2
    The ..... is located on the front, upper part of the body and is the area that contains the lungs and the heart.
  • 3
    Sometimes after a hard day's work, people complain about ..... pain. This portion of the body is below the neck and above the pelvic region, and the spine runs down it.
  • 4
    The tummy or ..... region is located under the chest and is where food is digested on the inside.
  • 5
    The ..... lies between the stomach and the hips. People often wear belts on this part of the body.
  • 6
    The ..... is found underneath the arm and shoulder area. People often wear deodorant on this part of the body to prevent body odor from occurring.
  • 7
    Sometimes, when people are careless, they might stub their ..... when walking around. This is the largest digit on the foot.
  • 8
    The ..... lies between the hand and the arm. It is a joint, and people often wear watches on this part of the body.
  • 9
    A(n) ..... is a hard shell that grows on top of each toe. People often trim or cut them so that they don't get too long.
  • 10
    A person's ..... is located at the bottom of his/her face, and it can be opened or closed at will when eating or talking, among other things.

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