Real Life: Relationship Titles (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    John doesn't know Simon very well. He only met him a few times and they are not good friends so Simon is his ......
  • 2
    When referring to someone's husband or wife, you could also refer to that person as his/her ...... This is a unisex term that is used to describe a husband or wife.
  • 3
    Rick and Tom have known each other for years. They are good friends and, casually, refer to each other as ......
  • 4
    Lisa thinks that her friend, Torrie, is a ..... friend because she only seems to call when things are going well. The minute a problem arises for Lisa, Torrie doesn't answer her calls and avoids her at all costs.
  • 5
    Tony and Ben work together so they are ...... Sometimes, these people are referred to as colleagues.
  • 6
    Chris and Steven were friends while they served in the military together and they used to refer to each other as ......
  • 7
    Ryan and Pierce met while they were traveling through France. Now, Ryan lives in the US and Pierce lives in England but they have kept in touch by writing letters and emails on a regular basis so they are ......
  • 8
    Jordan and Beth met while they were in college. They get along well and really love each other. At their wedding, Beth said that she felt that Jordan is her ..... because they are a perfect match.
  • 9
    My mother's sister is coming over this weekend. She is my ..... and I really like her because she's funny and spunky.
  • 10
    My uncle has three kids so they are my ...... I really like them because we always play when they come to our house.

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