Real life sports vocabulary 3

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    In basketball, there are three positions: center, guard, and ......

  • 2

    In American football, the primary pass catchers are called ......

  • 3

    In soccer, the only player who can legally touch the ball with the hands is the ......

  • 4

    In baseball, the defensive player between second base and third base is the ......

  • 5

    In soccer, basketball, and hockey, players ..... and try to score points.

  • 6

    In football, a play begins when the ..... hikes the ball to the quarterback.

  • 7

    In baseball, the player who wears a mask to protect his face is called the ......

  • 8

    In tennis, a player puts the ball in play by ..... it to his opponent with his racket.

  • 9

    Another name for a soccer player who plays primarily defense is a ......

  • 10

    A baseball player who substitutes for a batter is called a ......

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