Real Life: Telephones (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    George still isn't picking up his phone? Why don't you leave a message on his ..... machine?
  • 2
    I just unpacked the telephone from one of the moving boxes. Will you plug its cord into the telephone ..... found at the bottom of the wall?
  • 3
    I wondered why we hadn't received any telephone calls today. When I checked the phone, I found that it had been left off the ...... Please hang it up properly next time so that the phone is seated in the correct manner on the cradle.
  • 4
    I will have to call George back later. When I called him, I just got a ..... signal. He doesn't have call waiting, I guess.
  • 5
    I just sent John a ..... message. He should send me one back soon or he will call me on his cell phone.
  • 6
    In order to call most businesses these days, a person must have a .....-tone phone so that one can press a button to indicate which part of the business one wants to reach.
  • 7
    Thanks to .....-ID, I can see who is calling me, and I can decide whether I want to answer the phone or not. The telephone number the person is calling from appears on the screen on my telephone.
  • 8
    If you want to call someone again, you can just hit the ..... button on the phone and it will call the last number you entered.
  • 9
    Your phone wasn't ..... into the telephone jack. That's why it wasn't working.
  • 10
    Why don't you just push the ..... button on the phone? Then you can set it down and do other things while you talk to the person on the line.

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