Real Life: The Body and Related Verbs (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    You ..... with your mouth and lungs. This is when you take air into your lungs and inhale and exhale without any effort.

  • 2

    You ..... with your tongue. This is when you touch your tongue to something in a lapping way. Dogs often do this.

  • 3

    You ..... with your nose. This is a very fast inhale motion where you are able to quickly smell something.

  • 4

    You ..... with your mouth and throat. This is when you speak and use your voice in order to communicate with others.

  • 5

    You ..... with your lips. This is when you blow air through your lips and move your lips in order to make a high-pitched sound.

  • 6

    You ..... with your mouth. This is when you speak in a quiet way so that others cannot easily understand what you said.

  • 7

    People often ..... their toes. This is when a person accidentally slams a toe into an object. This is often painful for a short time.

  • 8

    You ..... your nose when you have a cold or when your nose is stuffed for whatever reason. This is when people use tissues and forcefully blow out into tissues in order to empty their noses.

  • 9

    You ..... your head in order to denote or signify disapproval. This is when you move your head from side to side.

  • 10

    You ..... with your hands. This is when you gently tap or caress someone's head or some other part of his/her body in order to denote kindness, love or approval.

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