Real Life: The Body and Related Verbs (4)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    You ..... with your arms and hands. Sometimes people do this when they want to pass a football to another player.
  • 2
    When people are sad, they ...... This is when water droplets, called tears, form and fall from their eyes.
  • 3
    You ..... when you have a cold. This is when you involuntarily push air out of your lungs and mouth suddenly and loudly.
  • 4
    Some children ..... their feet when they are marching around the house. They might also do this when they are angry.
  • 5
    My teacher ..... her arms when she is angry with her students. She folds one arm over the other in front of her chest.
  • 6
    Some people ..... when they are angry. You do this with your throat, lungs and mouth. Another word for this is 'scream'.
  • 7
    Blood ..... through our veins all the time. This is when blood is moved throughout your body by short, intermittent throbs that are powered by your heart.
  • 8
    Your heart ..... many times each day. These are short rhythms that pulsate at regular intervals.
  • 9
    You can ..... to your friends when you see them. This is when you gesture 'hello' or 'goodbye' with your hand.
  • 10
    You ..... food with your tongue. This is when you are able to sense the flavor of food with your tongue and the cells found on it.

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