Real Life: The Body and Related Verbs (5)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Your body ..... when it's cold. This is when your body trembles to warm itself from cold temperatures.
  • 2
    You ..... with your eyes when you are angry. This is a fierce look that people give when they are not happy with something or someone. It's like a fixed stare.
  • 3
    People ..... when they are out of breath. This is when someone gasps for air or wheezes repeatedly with an open mouth.
  • 4
    Some people ..... when they are shocked or startled. This is when a person becomes weak and dizzy and/or falls into a short, unconscious state.
  • 5
    If a person standing behind you calls your name, you will most likely ..... your head to see who it is. This is when you move your neck so that your head faces another direction.
  • 6
    Some people ..... when they are shocked or startled. This is when a person quickly draws air into his/her mouth with a short pant or puff.
  • 7
    In some countries, people shake hands when they meet, but in other countries, they ...... This is when a person bends at the waist in a downward, forward motion or lowers his/her head.
  • 8
    When people hear music, many will begin to ...... This is when they move their body to the rhythm of the music.
  • 9
    When people ....., they crouch down and then support themselves on their knees. Some people do this when they are praying.
  • 10
    Some people ..... easily. This is when skin discoloration takes places due to some kind of injury. It is caused by blood-vessel or tissue damage underneath the skin.

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