Real Life: Transportation (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Sally went downtown last week. First, she walked out of her house and then she had to cross the street, on foot, at the ......

  • 2

    Then, she continued to walk to the bus ..... in order to wait for the bus because she doesn't have a car.

  • 3

    After she got onto the bus, the bus driver stopped at a ..... light because the light was red.

  • 4

    Then she got off the bus and went window shopping on ...... This means that she walked.

  • 5

    While walking up and down the streets, Sally saw a man park his car in the underground parking ..... near a big department store.

  • 6

    She also saw a woman park her car on the street. Then, the woman put some coins into the parking ..... so she wouldn't get a ticket. A lot of big cities have strict parking rules.

  • 7

    On the other side of the street, she saw a lot of ..... walking across the street when the light turned green.

  • 8

    At that same ....., she noticed that all of the cars stopped and waited while the people crossed the street because the light was red for the cars.

  • 9

    She also saw another woman get out of a ...... This is a car service that picks people up from various locations and drives them to other areas for a metered price. This service is also called a cab system.

  • 10

    Sally got tired all of a sudden and decided to go home. However, this time she caught the ...... This is an underground train or railway system that quickly transports people to various stops along long, rail line systems in big cities.

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