Real Life: Types of Buildings (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    A ..... is a building that automobiles are kept in, and they are sometimes attached to houses.
  • 2
    ..... are usually found on university and college campuses. They are large buildings that house many students in individual rooms during college semesters.
  • 3
    A ..... is a large building that is fenced and heavily patrolled by officers because it houses criminals. It's also called a jailhouse.
  • 4
    A ..... is a building that is used to process food such as sugar or other materials like oil.
  • 5
    A ..... office is a government-owned building that handles the delivery of mail and packages.
  • 6
    A(n) ..... is a large building that people go to in order to gamble and for other social activities.
  • 7
    A power ..... is a large building or place where electricity is generated and distributed.
  • 8
    A ..... is a government building that is known as a court of law. It's where trials and other legal matters are settled and dealt with on a regular basis.
  • 9
    A ..... is a social establishment usually found in a small building that people go to in order to get hot and cold refreshments like coffee and tea.
  • 10
    A ..... is a small building or structure that is used for storage.

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