Real Life: Types of Criminals (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    A ..... is a person who attacks unknowing people on town or city streets in order to rob them of their wallets, purses and other belongings that have monetary value.
  • 2
    A ..... is someone who kills or has killed a person or people.
  • 3
    A ..... is someone who forces himself/herself onto someone else in a sexual way without consent. Men usually commit this crime more often than women do.
  • 4
    A ..... is someone who steals money and property from someone else.
  • 5
    A ..... is someone who steals property or merchandise from a retail shop or store.
  • 6
    A ..... is someone who inflicts terror onto others and uses various means of intimidation and fear tactics in order to cause or impose pain.
  • 7
    A ..... is someone who intentionally damages or destroys public or private property.
  • 8
    A ..... is someone who steals money or property from a residence at night.
  • 9
    A young ..... is a person who commits a crime but is under 18-years-old and often subject to more lenient laws because of his/her age. However, sometimes they are charged as adults depending on the severity of the crimes.
  • 10
    A ..... is a person who illegally and secretly transports illegal drugs or other items that violate local or national laws.

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